Downer transforms Journey Management plans (JMP) with SafetyIQ

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Industry: Downer is a leading provider of services in Transport, Utilities and Facilities sectors.


Number of Staff: 50,000 across 300 sites


About Downer

The Downer Facilities & Asset Services (F&AS) business unit, which incorporated the Spotless business, is the largest provider of full end-to-end Integrated Facilities Management services in Australia.
Downer operates, maintains and services the country’s critical economic and social infrastructure, including some of Australia’s most iconic facilities and venues including stadium, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, residential properties and large-scale industrial assets such as power plants.


Downer’s journey management process was reliant on a paper-based system.
It meant that both workers and supervisors were required to remember or manually check individual calendars to confirm the safe arrival of a driver. Downer’s vision was to implement a digital platform that automated and shared the visibility of people movements in real-time across the business. This was particularly important to track workers on longer journeys and provide a safety net, so that drivers could generate an emergency alert, if required.

“By digitising journey management plans through SafetyIQ, this has helped us to enable our people to make better safety decisions when planning and undertaking long journeys – helping them get home safely every day”

– Steve Cucé, Head of Zero Harm


SafetyIQ was introduced to the Asset and Development Services team who identified the benefits of a global, location-based software solution that could monitor the risks associated with Mobile Workers who operate remotely across multiple geographic locations. The SafetyIQ solution offered Downer the ability to manage real-time responses and reduce the number of driving incidents, injuries and delays for their remote workers.

The built-in digitised Travel Risk Assessment (TRA), ensures that drivers have considered potential risks and adequately planned their journeys prior to departure. The TRA is both a web and mobile application, which means that drivers can create a very quick and easy journey plan and managers can review planned, active or even historical journeys.

SafetyIQ’s automated time-activated escalation process, allows for quick notifications to be delivered to managers requiring prompted follow ups and apply appropriate support with the drivers, when needed. A significant added benefit from implementing SafetyIQ was the seamless integration into Downers existing IVMS system (In Vehicle Monitoring System). This provides visibility of the journeys and access to realtime vehicle locations.

“I couldn’t be happier with the solution the team at SafetyIQ provided us with. The user interface looks clean and is easy to use, and the technical support from the SafetyIQ team has felt like a partnership from day one.”

– Steve Cucé, Head of Zero Harm


1. Pre-Planning

Established a Strategic Sponsor, set clear agendas and outcomes for each Onboarding session.

2. Scope & Development

Defined the scope and timelines for change management and implementation.

3. Confirmation

Ensured the Scope and Timelines had the appropriate internal endorsement and set success metrics.

4. Training

Multiple live training sessions, full access to all online User Guides and ongoing Monthly User Training Webinar.

5. Evaluation

Evaluated against the success metrics when appropriate.


Initially a one month trial was undertaken within a number of business units in the Downer A&DS team. Following this, an extensive consultation process across the business areas including Cyber Security, Vendor Management and the Executive Leadership Team was completed and together with a, highly visible communication campaign, the SafetyIQ system was implemented in the wider Facilities & Asset Services business.

The added advantage of integrating with IVMS to provide real-time location of vehicles during an active journey plan and also meeting privacy surveillance requirements so that only vehicle locations were captured during an active journey plan.

Data captured from the SafetyIQ system will be applied to develop insights and AI from regular and consistent motor vehicle incidents. The SafetyIQ implementation has generated interest from the broader Downer Group.

Return on Investment

Downer were spending on average 19 hours per month on manual Journey Management processes.

After implementing SafetyIQ, they are now saving 15 hours a month through SafetyIQ's digital solution.

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Downer transforms Journey Management plans (JMP) with SafetyIQ

Downer’s journey management process was reliant on a paper-based system. It meant that both workers and supervisors were required to remember or manually check individual calendars to confirm the safe arrival of a driver.

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