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Mobile Black Spots and Software Solutions for Companies

For companies operating in remote and regional locations, the ability to implement software solutions is often challenged by the ability to access reliable and stable internet connectivity. 

Access to reliable internet connectivity is critical for economic growth and during COVID, it has become an absolute necessity to stay connected with our workplaces, family and friends. 

Together, the Australian Federal Government and Telstra have and are continuing to invest millions into closing Mobile Blackspot connectivity issues.  It won’t be long before our regional areas will have the same level of connectivity to metropolitan locations.   


Using SafetyIQ in Mobile Blackspots

Most companies within the resource sector, operate in remote and isolated locations that are in some instances 1,000’s of kilometres from a main township.  The roads to access mine locations, frequently have long distances of Mobile Blackspots where there is either no or very low connectivity. 

Quite often the first question we are asked by a prospective clients is, “how will SafetyIQ work when we operate in environments where there is no connectivity?” 

The benefit of using SafetyIQ, is that it doesn’t require 100% connectivity to be effective and does not track Users. The check-in process is pre-defined by a timeframe and location. The risk of being impacted by mobile blackspots is very low and can be addressed by knowing where blackspots are located. Most of our clients that operate in remote and isolated locations are aware of local mobile blackspots and have incorporated them into their SafetyIQ process. 

For those that are unaware of potential blackspots, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have created Coverage Maps and Telstra have a User Generated Blackspot map

Provider Coverage Maps

Telstra Blackspot Map


Lockdowns suck and have unfortunately become a part of the modern workplace.

Whether you have been forced to work from home during a mandated lockdown, or work from another location other than your normal workplace, just about every working person has logged at least a few hours from home this past financial year.

Tax time

As we enter the new financial year, the ATO has recognised the new norm of working from home by simplifying the home office expense calculation method. With their ‘Shortcut Calculation Method’, you can claim 80 cents for every hour worked at home.

For more detailed information go to the ATO website – click here

SafetyIQ Work From Home Users

For those that have been using SafetyIQ’s work from home activity, your tax return just got a lot easier! To claim any home office expenses with this Shortcut Method you are required to have a record of the hours and all this data is easily accessed in your SafetyIQ History.

How to Export your Work From Home Activity Report

Once you have logged in to SafetyIQ follow the below instructions.

  1. Under the ACTIVITIES section of the Navigation click ‘History’
  2. Navigate to the top right of the screen and click the ‘DOWNLOAD AS CSV’ button

After the History.csv has downloaded, open and you can filter the ‘action type’ to only show “working-from-home” and calculate the total of the ‘activity time’.

Once completed you will have a total figure to claim home office expenses with and a secure record for the ATO.

View your SafetyIQ History

How to set up SafetyIQ on your Mobile Device

After logging into a User profile on a smart device, you can simplify and speed up your access to SafetyIQ.

Android Users

If you are accessing SafetyIQ on an Android Device, you can download SafetyIQ from the Google Play Store.

Apple iOS Users

If you are accessing SafetyIQ on an iPhone or iPad, you can add SafetyIQ to your home screen through Safari (Chrome does not support this). Follow the below instructional video to add a SafetyIQ shortcut to your device.

Download the PDF Instructions

Logging into SafetyIQ has just got a lot easier, you can now login to SafetyIQ via single sign-on, using your Microsoft login details.

Logging into SafetyIQ has just got a lot easier, you can now login to SafetyIQ via single sign-on, using your Microsoft login details.

We developed Favourite Activities within SafetyIQ to streamline the Activity creation.

Creating a Favourite Activity

If an Activity is undertaken regularly, it can be saved in Favourites.

Once an Activity has been created and saved, click on the Add to Favourites button – this will save this Activity in Favourites.

Accessing your Favourite Activities

The Favourite Activities page can then be accessed from the left hand side menu under the Activities dropdown.

Streamline your Activities in SafetyIQ now