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tick    People that work alone or in isolation? Protected

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tick    People working swing shifts at risk of fatigue? Protected

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The Mining Safety Bundle

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Understanding the gravity of safety challenges, we are committed to supporting our mining community in safeguarding their operations and, most importantly, their workers.

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Journey Management Software:

To enable real-time tracking and ensure the safety of your workers during transit. 

Lone Worker Monitoring Solution:

Providing peace of mind that your employees are safe and secure, even when working alone. 

Fatigue Management System:

To help you monitor and manage the well-being of your workforce, reducing the risk of fatigue-related incidents. 


tick    Improve emergency response capabilities

tick    Eliminate the risk of incidents and penalties

tick    Quick access to real-time vehicle and people data

tick    Save valuable hours by eliminating manual processes

Our customers get results

"Workers comp direct costs alone has been reduced by almost one million dollars in the last 2 years so I would say there is plenty of evidence of what a good safety management system can do to benefit a company." 

Kelli MacDonald-Risner,  Regional HSE Manager at PALFINGER

"The thing we've done really well as a company is the care and compassion. I want to make sure my workforce is safe, and at the end of the day, if you only save one person's life, that's a massive difference that you can feel good about yourself."

Marco Waanders, GM of Camp Management at Ventia

"SafetyIQ is a vital tool as we manage the risk of having solo workers travelling across multiple client sites. It also provides a clear and concise record of on-site service appointments for compliance - to assure the client we are managing the risk."

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Field Safety Management

Case Study

Making a workplace not just safer, but more efficient

group of people in safety uniforms from ventia

The Challenge:

After a series of fatigue related incidents, Ventia realized they needed to enhance their journey management to improve safety for their mobile workforce.

The Solution:

Ventia implemented SafetyIQ in conjunction with Geotab’s IVMS devices, streamlining their journey management process and introducing a digital risk assessment with a scoring matrix that allowed low risk responses to be auto-approved and highlighting any medium to high risk responses.


tick    No fatigue related incidents since implementation in 2016

tick    Quick access to real-time vehicle and worker wellbeing data

tick    37 hours a month is saved by eliminating manual processes

The Automated Escalation Process

warning icon in yellow

The Trigger

The Escalation Process is activated if a traveller misses a scheduled check-in or activates an SOS Button.
IVMS Devices (if applicable) can also trigger an escalation if it senses a critical event such as harsh breaking or a vehicle rollover.
Notification on phone alerted of issue icon

The Alert

The escalation contacts are notified via SMS, email and in the platform.
They attempt to contact the traveller. If no response, they can try passengers (if applicable) or the destination check-point.
Manager monitoring for quick response icon

The Response

If the level one contact is unable to resolve the issue, further escalation contacts are notified.
The management team can access the location of the worker and send emergency services if required.
Emergency response for resolution icon

The Resolution

Once the traveller’s safety is confirmed, notes can be made in the audit log and work can go on smoothly
If an incident occurs, the automated audit log provides essential information for reporting and investigation.
SafetyIQ helps you gather information

Gathering Information

Imagine it’s like collecting pieces for a jigsaw puzzle

SafetyIQ allows everyone to easily share what’s happening around them.

Whether it's your workers completing their alertness test as they arrive on site, a field worker reporting a near miss, a mobile worker filling out a journey management plan, or your factory floor inspecting the equipment. All of these pieces of information are easily collated in a central platform with SafetyIQ.

Seeing the Big Picture

Once you have all the pieces, you can see the whole image.

SafetyIQ provides complete visibility over your safety processes. Whether it's tracking the process of training, audits or inspections, viewing your mobile and lone workforce on the User Activity Map, or uncovering incident trends or hazard hotspots.

SafetyIQ gives you a bird's-eye view.

see the bigger picture of your workplace safety from a consolidated platform
see the bigger picture of your workplace safety from a consolidated platform

Taking Action

No more guesswork or delays.

SafetyIQ helps you keep track of the many tasks on your to-do list. Whether it's receiving auto-reminders and notifications of corrective actions following an incident, or the automated escalation process, that ensures a real-time emergency response if something goes wrong.

SafetyIQ ensures nothing slips through the cracks, and any safety issue is addressed promptly.

Review and Test

Prevent future incidents and improve safety processes.

SafetyIQ highlights what’s important when it’s important. Color-coded dashboards bring attention to critical or overdue issues and performance summaries outline upward or downward trends. The dashboards and analytics are clear, all-encompassing, and work in the background to make your job easier.

SafetyIQ helps you discover meaningful analytics that drive safety improvements.

Review and test with SafetyIQ to have continuous safety improvements

Experience the power of our end-to-end safety solution.

See how we can help you harness the power of data to prevent incidents, boost employee engagement, and achieve operational excellence.
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SafetyIQ's full suite of safety solutions
See how we can help you harness the power of data to prevent incidents, boost employee engagement, and achieve operational excellence.